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Wool Sweaters


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At the Aran Sweater Market, we have a stunning selection of 100% wool sweaters in every colour and style imaginable. We have something to suit all styles including a huge range of authentic Aran sweaters, cardigans, tweed jackets and coats. Our range includes wool sweater options for men and women, as well as fun and practical kidswear.


We also stock accessories and homeware you will adore, and authentic Aran Knitting wool for the knitter in your life. Not to mention our range of ClanAran Sweaters, scarves, throws, bed runners and history displays. Each with unique Aran Family patterns. Find yours in our ClanAran database where we have the patterns for over 500 Irish surnames.

Women’s Wool Sweaters

Wool sweaters are something that every staple and capsule wardrobe should have. Not only are they practical, but aran sweaters are stylish and versatile too. Aran patterns lend themselves well to emerging trends as well as classic shapes. From the original style round neck to the newer a-line fits and long coats - there’s an Aran style for all.


When choosing your first irish sweater for your capsule wardrobe, look for styles that will mijavascript:;x well with other fabrics. The Women’s Lambswool V Neck Sweater is a good example of a sweater that works with many outfits. This lightweight sweater can be worn with a party dress as easily as it can with a pair of jeans and a leather jacket. Alternatively, the Women’s V neck Cable Knit Sweater is a cosy option, but equally flexible. Popular for everyday use as well as nights out, this sweater has a dramatic, yet cosy, style.


Thanks to the heat-regulating qualities of the wool used in the Large Collar Aran Coat you will always be cosy. A stunning alternative to a jacket, this is a head-turning wardrobe must-have. Available in twelve beautiful colours, there is a choice to suit everyone’s taste. Thanks to the oversized collar and wrap-around front, the wind will stay off while you look your best.


For a flattering fit that never fails, look no further than the Women's Merino Wool A-Line Fit Cardigan. The waist of this wool sweater is slightly cinched all around, letting the lower half flair out subtly. The feminine fit of this sweater is popular with all ages, thanks to the vast range of colours available. Choose from pastel purples and blue, bright primary block colours or classical dark shades and berry pinks.


Everyone loves a sweater that they can depend on to keep them looking great. The Women's Keyhole Crew Neck Sweater is just that. The unique collar style and mix of popular Aran stitches mean this sweater adds to any outfit. This sweater also has a slightly cropped style, sitting comfortably on the hips. Perfect for anyone who likes their sweaters slightly shorter than average.


The original ‘boyfriend sweater’, wear the Cable Knit Crew Neck Aran Wool Sweater oversized for the latest trend. Whatever way you wear it, the Cable hand Knit Crew neck sweater is a winner every time. This sweater features some of the most popular Aran stitches, the honeycomb and cable stitches. It is also wear and tear resistant, making it one of the most versatile and reliable sweaters you can buy. This wool sweater has a slightly less chunky feeling than the more traditional style. Making it perfect for indoor or outdoor events.


If you like your sweaters to have the wow factor, then what better than an Aran stitch and multi-coloured combo? The Women's Merino Fair Isle Sweater has traditional Aran on the bottom and a Jacquard design at the top and shoulders. The combination is striking and made even more so thanks to the dual colour options that highlight the stitches. An added bonus, this wool sweater has pockets.


Types Of Wool and Their Benefits


The yarn of wool sweaters may look alike but to a connoisseur of wool, each yarn is different. Different yarns have distinct qualities that set them apart from one another.


Some are softer and less irritating, while others have that scratchy texture that many people associate with wool garments. Others have stronger longer fibres, and some even regulate body temperature. Knowing your Merino wool from your Shetland will help you select the best wool sweater for your needs.

Merino Wool


Merino is one of the world’s finest and highest quality wools. It comes from Merino sheep which originated in Spain but can now be found on most continents. Despite its early start in the arid conditions of Spain, modern Merino sheep have adapted well to colder climates too. A clue to the qualities of their wool perhaps.


The fine wool of a Merino sheep is one of the softest sheep’s wools you can buy. It also lacks the itchy qualities of other natural wools and is comfortable worn directly on the skin. Thanks to the lanolin production of the sheep, Merino wool comes with built-in antibacterial and stain resistant qualities.


One of the most popular benefits of Merino is its heat regulating qualities. This is a natural quality of this wool and makes it perfect for wool sweaters. Gone are the days of overheating in overbearing woolly jumpers. The fine wool of Merino sheep will keep you warm when the weather is cold and cool when it’s warm. It’s also incredibly durable and requires very little maintenance.

Alpaca Wool


Not all wool comes from sheep. In fact, goats, camels, llamas and alpacas all have woolly offerings too. Some of which have a royal and ancient heritage. The qualities of alpaca wool are so valued that it has been prized for, not hundreds, but thousands of years.


First discovered by the Incas around 6000 years ago, Alpacas have been raised for their fleece ever since. There was a time when alpaca wool was for royals and noble people only. Now, thankfully, it is available for all.


Made from the fleeces of South America's most famous animal, alpaca wool has thermal qualities, unlike many others. Each fibre is hollow meaning more air gets trapped. This means the wool is warmer and, thanks to its silk-like softness, it is also one of the softest wools.

Recycled Wool


One of the remarkable traits of natural wool is its durability. Treated properly, an Aran wool sweater can last through generations of families. A rare feat in the time of ‘fast fashion’. What’s also remarkable is that after that sweater passes through those generations of family, it can then be recycled. Theoretically, this means a wool sweater worn by your Great-Great Granddaddy could still be in circulation today. But, in the form of a new garment made from recycled wool.


Wool that is recycled through a method called the closed loop system is particularly suitable for creating new wool garments. During this process, the old garments are returned to the original fibre state and then woven into yarn. Ready to be knitted with all over again.


Recycled wool is one way of preventing unnecessary waste from going to landfills. The wool recycling process is relatively environmentally friendly too with no harmful chemicals and very little water used. 



Made from the first shorn and spun fleece of a young sheep, lambswool is elastic and extremely soft. Favoured for lightweight wool sweaters and baby blankets, lambswool has some impressive natural traits.


As a natural fibre, it is breathable and can regulate your body temperature, one reason it is popular for babies. This soft to the touch wool also naturally resists dust mites making it a great addition to home furnishings. Not to mention its stain resistant qualities, like Merino wool, which helps minimise the need for washing.

Shetland Wool


Harking from the UK’s most northern archipelago, Shetland wool is about as Scottish as wool can get. Shorn from the sheep that are bred across the islands, Shetland wool is world renowned for its robust qualities.


A heavier wool than the softener Merino variety, Shetland wool is a toasty (slightly scratchy) alternative. Popular with workers who covet its warmth for outdoor work, Shetland wool is great for the extreme cold of northern Scotland. 


Though Shetland wool is a quality standard of wool, wearers might find that it pills more than other wools. The tell-tale sign is the little gathers of ball-like tufts that form on garments made from this wool. Pilling happens more with Shetland wool than say Merino because of its shorter fibres. Whereas Merino wool has longer fibres to avoid pilling from wear.

What Is The Best Wool For Aran Sweaters?

Aran wool sweaters were traditionally made from the wool of the Galway sheep that were farmed on the Aran islands. This wool is a little coarser than many sheep wool but offered practical benefits against the harsh elements of island life.


Fast forward to modern times and Aran is made from a much softer sheeps wool - Merino wool. Merino wool is the best wool for Aran sweaters as it is not only incredibly soft but also very durable and versatile.Aran sweaters are built to last through generations and Merino wool’s durability means that they do.


The fine wool of Merino wool sheep lends itself beautifully to the intricate patterns of Aran stitches. It also gives wool sweaters a heat regulating quality that makes them beloved by all the family. With Merino wool Aran sweaters, you will never be too hot or too cold.

Can I Wash My Sweaters In a Washing Machine?


It is not advisable to wash an aran sweater in a washing machine. Washing wool sweaters in a washing machine can cause them to shrink, lose shape and wear faster. The best way to wash them is by hand with a gentle wool detergent. However, the great news is that your wool sweater will rarely need washing at all.


Thanks to the natural qualities of merino wool, your wool sweater is odour and stain repellent. With gentle care and regular airing, you will barely ever have to wash it. The strong natural fibres of the wool mean that your sweater will also hold its shape well. You could crumple an Aran wool sweater into a backpack and it will still look fresh and wrinkle-free. Of course, we do recommend treating your sweater gentler for longer lasting use though.


On the rare occasion that your sweater does get stained, you only need to spot treat the stain. Treat the stained area only and then let your sweater dry flat in a ventilated area. Try to avoid leaving your sweater in the direct sun or hanging it as it will lose shape.


When it does come around to being time to wash a wool sweater, do so gently. After washing, rinsing and squeezing out the water, reshape the sweater with your hands. To maintain sleeve length, flatten out the sleeve and pull down firmly holding the cuff and shoulder in either hand. 


 Worldwide Free Shipping Offer / 100% Wool / Made in Ireland / Natural, Organic & Easy Care