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Aran Sweaters


Where are Aran Sweaters Made?

where-are-aran-sweaters-made.jpgThe Aran Islands are the home of the Aran sweater, and the harsh but beautiful environment of these Islands is reflected in the stitches that make up these unique garments. In the early days, these sweaters were created to protect the fishermen and farmers here from the elements, and the patterned stitches used are representative of the landscape and the qualities of the people who made their lives here. The Moss stitch, for example, represents the bright carrageenan moss that was historically an important food source, and the Chevron stitch evokes the Atlantic Sea as it crashes against the cliffs of Inis Mor.  

The history of the Aran sweater is fascinating, and you will find many styles and designs inspired by the traditional garment, hand-knitted by the women of the Aran Islands for more than a hundred years. Knitting and weaving are ancient crafts that are intertwined with the history of Ireland, and our clothing and homewares are an excellent choice for sustainability too, as all are made with our top quality local wool. Click here to view the fulll history of the aran sweater

Are Aran Sweaters good quality?

where-are-aran-sweaters-made.jpgWhen you choose an Aran Sweater, you invest in traditional Irish craftsmanship and quality. Aran Sweaters are traditionally made from pure merino wool in Ireland, and are usually hand knitted. They are not just sweaters but a good quality, stylish choice that will last longer than synthetic fibres and are comfortable to wear all year round.  

Every stitch in a quality Aran Sweater tells a story of Irish history, reflecting the beauty of the land and the challenging lives lived on the edge of the Atlantic coast in years gone by. Cable stitch, for example, represents the ropes used by the fishermen who wore the first Aran hand knit sweaters many years ago.



Are Aran Sweaters handmade?

where-are-aran-sweaters-made.jpgAran sweaters are handmade, following the tradition of the people  of the Irish coast who first created these sweaters many years ago. Every stitch has a meaning, representing the lifestyle and history of the people who lived on the island of Aran, and Aran sweaters are hand knitted to be unique and beautiful. 

When you choose a handmade ClanAran Sweater from Aran Sweater Market, you can celebrate your Irish heritage with the design that represents your family name. The stitches that are knitted into these handmade sweaters tell stories of the fishermen and farmers who first wore them as a practi-cal choice before they became the style statement they are today.



Are Aran Sweaters Itchy?

where-are-aran-sweaters-made.jpgIf you are wondering whether your Aran Sweater will itch, you can rest assured that a real Aran Sweater, made from the highest quality merino wool, will not be itchy against your skin. Merino wool is finer and contains smaller fibres than rougher wool types, making it softer and more flexible than other wool and wool blends.  

Aran Sweaters are comfortable and durable, and a great choice all year round. Your Aran sweater will be easy to care for and will often just need a simple airing to allow the fibres to breathe before it can be worn again. At Aran Sweater Market, you will find stunning Aran sweaters in many colours and designs.



Are Aran Sweaters warm?

where-are-aran-sweaters-made.jpgWe know that Aran Sweaters look great, and they are also a great choice to keep you warm. Aran sweaters are made from pure Merino wool and as a natural fibre, wool works with your body to help regulate your temperature, keeping you warm when the weather is cold and cooler when the sun is shining.  

Aran sweaters are warm and can be layered to keep you at the right temperature, whatever the weather. Aran sweater designs are unique and tell stories of Irish traditions and heritage. Today, Ar-an sweaters are available in many stunning designs and colours, so they are a stylish choice as well as a practical one.




Are Aran Sweaters waterproof?

where-are-aran-sweaters-made.jpgYes, Aran sweaters are waterproof and were originally worn by fishermen to keep them dry at sea. The natural wool in an Aran Sweater can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water before feeling wet and draws water vapour away from the body into the air to help maintain an ideal body temperature. 

An Aran Sweater is a great choice all year round, hand made from natural wool that can help to insu-late the body and keep you warm and dry, whatever the weather. Aran sweaters make excellent lay-ers so that you can always be prepared for the elements and you can choose the colour and style you love.


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