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Linch, Linchey, Lynchehan, Lynchy, O’ Lynch, O’ Lynche, O’ Lynchy, de Lynch, Ó Loingsigh


Lynch as it exists today in Ireland actually has two completely distinct origins. One is Norman, from the name de Lench. This clan established themselves in counties Meath and Galway, and became one of the ‘Tribes of Galway’. The second clan is of Gaelic origins, Ó Loingsigh, coming from the Gaelic ‘loingseach’ meaning seaman. This clan was spread across a number of areas including Co. Clare, Co. Limerick, Co. Sligo, Co. Cork, Co. Cavan, Co. Donegal, and also counties Antrim and Derry where they were chiefs of the old kingdom of Dál Riada. Today, the name is ranked as seventeenth most numerous in Ireland, being most numerous in Co. Westmeath and fourth most numerous in Co. Cavan.