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Mens Crew Neck Guernsey Sweater

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Mens Crew Neck Guernsey Sweater - Navy
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Guernsey Sweater Reviews

This Guernsey Sweater is a heritage classic, traditionally worn by fishermen of the past out on the rough seas. 

A comfortable sweater capable of resisting sea spray, the Guernsey uses wool with a hard twist and is knitted extremely tight to ensure heat retention. This in turn produces a finish capable of protecting the wearer from the sea's spray. You'll never own a harder wearing sweater than a Guernsey!

Crafted from pure new wool, an active fibre, it is also ideal to wear as a breathable garment for the Summer months. 

  • A classic traditional crew neck wool sweater that is exceptionally comfortable to wear. 
  • Traditional Guernsey sweater, like the Aran Sweater, is another Fisherman's garment,.
  • A heritage classic, it can be worn in so many ways. .
  • Made in Ireland of 100% Wool, this is a favorite for those who enjoy the country lifestyle.
  • Soft and Natural breathable wool. 

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Authentic Aran 100% Wool Made in Ireland

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