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How long does it take until my sweater is delivered to my doorstep?

If your desired sweater is in stock, it will be shipped immediately and shipping only takes 4 - 5 working days. If it's not in stock, we will try our hardest to locate one for you and will notify you of our progress. Sometimes we might ask if you will accept a substitution on colour or style but you will always be consulted before a substitution is made to your order. If the Clan Aran sweater you ordered is not in stock, knitting time is 18 - 21 weeks for sizes 48 and below and 20 - 23 weeks for sizes 50 and above.

I want to give this as a gift and don’t want to order if it’s not in stock. What can you do?

The website will generally denote if an item is in or out of stock.  For our ClanArans however, as they are handmade garments, our stock level for those sweaters fuctuate  a great deal.   If you are need a ClanAran that is in stock, send us an email. We can see if we have the size you need in stock.  Let us know and we will do all we can to help. You can email us at or call us at +353-64-662-3102 from Europe or 011-353-64-662-3102 from the rest of the world.

How do I care for my new sweater?

As the sweater is made of natural fibre, it is breathable and doesn't require to be washed as often as a cotton or polyester sweater would. Air your sweater frequently, and wash is when necessary. Ideally, it should be hand washed with a wool detergent, and dried flat. It may be dry-cleaned but make sure your cleaners check the care labels first. DO NOT machine wash your sweater unless it is clearly labeled to do so. NEVER put it in the tumble dryer.

What happens if the sweater doesn't fit right when I get it?

Wool has the unique ability to conform to the wearer. Wool can also stretch up to 70% its original length without damaging. Our high quality sweaters can take a little tugging to make a sweater that is a little snug fit. If the sweater does not fit, you must return it to us within 60 days and upon receipt of the garment and we will find another size for you and you will be liable for the return shipping fees. If you prefer a refund we will only refund the items you are returning but not for the shipping costs.

Please refer to our Customer Help Centre for full details on Returns & Refunds

I haven't received a confirmation email or my Tracking Number, where is it?

Sometimes emails sent to our customers will go into their Spam or Junk Mail. Once you place your order, be certain to monitor your Spam or Junk Mail folders for updates.

What about taxes and/or duties for orders to an address outside Ireland?

Any taxes and/or duties on your order will NOT be included in your online total. DHL Worldwide will charge the package recipient all applicable duty, taxes and/or brokerage fees at time of delivery. Since we do not charge, or collect these taxes, they won't be included in your online total. Please contact you local customs office for more information regarding these charges. Charges are assessed by weight and volume.

Is it safe to give my credit card and personal information over the internet?

You're very important to us and we want to provide you a safe and secure online experience. We take your security seriously - its part of our commitment to great customer service. All the appropriate security measures are in place to protect you against the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information. When you see either a solid key icon or a locked keypad at the lower portion of your browser window it means the site is secured through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Pages requesting personal information will always have one of these icons. If you're still unsure about ordering over the Internet, just email us at or call us at +353-64-662-3102, and we'll be able to take your order over the phone..

When I went to click on 'Confirm Order' after entering my card information, I got a popup saying: 615 -- 001 :: DO NOT HONOR, what does this mean?

The DO NOT HONOR error message means that your bank has put a block on the Transaction as it is from Ireland. The best thing to do is to call your bank and explain you are ordering On-line from Ireland and kindly ask them to allow the transaction. Then, try and place your order again.

I have an Irish surname, but it is not on your list, why is that?

We are still researching a number of other ClanArans to include on our site. You can let us know if your name is not listed by completing the "Can't Find Your Clan" form.  We are constantly updating our range and our website, so we suggest you recheck with us from time to time. Another thing to consider if your name is not on our list, may be that your surname is a version (or varient) of another Irish surname. You will notice on our Clan pages, we list some common varients of the surname.  If you know the original name of your clan, then you need to check for that sweater and let us know if your varient is not included and we will add it to that Clan.