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Donegal Tweed Half Zip Sweater

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Donegal Tweed Half Zip Sweater - Forest Green
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Donegal Tweed Half Zip Sweater Reviews

A Donegal tweed Half Zip Sweater can be worn as a top or middle layer. This tough and rugged masculine sweater offers unequalled protection against whatever nature has to throw at you. Donegal yarn contains solid flecks of contrasting colours which is unique and makes them stand out from all other garments. 

  • Made in Ireland of 100% Donegal Tweed New Wool
  • Features a stylish half zip design
  • Donegal Wool is still made using the traditional homespun style
  • Only 100% natural fibre is used in its manufacture.
  • With our signed & stamped Certificate of Authenticity attached you know you are getting authentic Irish knitwear. 

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Authentic Aran 100% Wool Made in Ireland

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