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Aran Islands, home of romance

The Aran Islands, our island home, has been named among the best honeymoon locations for 2022 & it’s no surprise as it’s one of the most scenic, unspoilt yet stunningly beautiful places you could ever visit (okay, we may be slightly biased). Here are the top reasons why newly-weds will find the Aran Islands at the top of their honeymoon destinations:

1. The sheer cliffs of Dún Aonghasa allow you to look out towards the wild Atlantic Sea watching the powerful waves crashing against the islands grapefruit-sized cobble stones and exposed bedrock that creates our rugged shoreline - a definite must-see

2. Not forgetting the wildlife - seal watching and dolphin spotting align with other marine wildlife is one of the more unique things to experience on the Aran Islands as you wander along it’s naturally scenic shorelines.

3. The famous local welcome and traditional way of life on the Aran Islands make it a must visit for any couple who want to enjoy a romantic and  secluded stay. Being away from the busyness of charming Galway City, you get to enjoy the simplicity of fresh air, the rejuvenating Atlantic breeze, being surrounded by a unique history and mother nature dressed in her absolute finest. 

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4. ‘Poll na bPeist’ (pronounced 'pole-na-best'), meaning ‘pool of the beast’, swimming hole is one of the many gifts nature has given us and is one of the most popular things to do while visiting the island. 

It's an enchanting, deep, natural sea pool situated right beneath the cliffs. And for those who are courageous enough to brave the cool water it has many benefits for mental well-being and stress relief, most importantly it’s great fun.

Poll na bPeist, wormhole, inismor, aran islands

5. On your return from your dip in the Poll na bPeist, cozy up by an open fire in one of the traditional pubs or restaurants for some locally sourced fresh fish and chips or a hearty traditional Irish dinner. Following this up with a pint of a locally popular stout or beer is easily one of the most enjoyable experiences you will have. 

If you’ve kept the hunger at bay, a relaxing hot toddy (whiskey) by the fire is all you need to warm you right up. A visit to the island’s charming restaurants and bars will leave you feeling energized, satisfied, and ready for even more adventures.

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6. Being of the islands themselves, we know how essential an wool sweater is to keep you snug & we love to share our knowledge with our customers. The islands have some wonderful retail outlets including our very own Aran Sweater Market, the birthplace of our first store. 

Daily, we are grateful to meet many special couples visiting the islands and are privileged to use our expertise to help choose the perfect Aran knit to keep them feeling stylish, warm, and comfortable while strolling through the breath-taking scenery of our island home.

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The Aran sweater has such deep meaningful history it brings people closer to their heritage as our different patterns and knits have many traditional, symbolic meanings. 

The Aran Sweater is the perfect reminder of your honeymoon on the island as the memories will flood back to you both every time you feel the soft & natural wool of your authentic knit.

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7. Your Aran Islands adventure isn't complete without renting a bicycle and exploring the hidden corners, beaches, ancient sites, wildlife spots and enduring traditions of the islands. Cycling on the islands has always been the main method of transport for tourists to get around. 

The bike ride from the Pier on Inis Mór to Dun Aonghasa is established as one of the most popular cycling routes in Ireland as it is accessible to people of all fitness levels. There’s something remarkably special about spinning along mile after mile past the unique handmade stone walls with the wind of the Atlantic against your face as you explore unspoilt Inis Mór.

Now that we have touched on how amazing and bucket list worthy these islands are, one of the best things to do on the Aran Islands really is to just stop and soak up the sights, sounds and smells that seem to wash over you from every angle as you explore. 

As recently reported by the website Big 7 Travel, the Aran Islands are the seventh best location for a honeymoon, based on trends from Google, Instagram and Pinterest. 

There you have it folks if you haven’t already just booked the trip - what are you waiting for?