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To New Friends, Old Traditions and Local legends- Highlights of 2014

2014 has proven to be another fantastic year for the Aran Sweater Market so it's with great pleasure that we dedicate this post to New Friends, Old Traditions and Local legends, as we take a look back at some of our favourite moments from 2014 and toast to more adventures and good times in the year ahead.

New Friends

With the Aran Sweater increasing in popularity and variations of the sweater continuing to take over catwalks across the globe, raising awareness of our brand and the authentic little Sweater has become more important than ever before. This year we've made some great connections and new friendships through our brand awareness programme. From working with fantastic creatives on our fashion shoots to connecting with members of the blogging community to reaching out to our very own costumers, this year we connected with those who are just as passionate about Aran knitwear as we are.

Celebrating Tradition

We consider the celebration of old traditions and rituals, key to keeping our heritage alive. In fact, we think herein lies the key to why the Islands themselves remain a window into old traditional Ireland, now but a memory to many on the mainland.

Every Summer the festival of Patrún gives us the chance to celebrate just some of these old Island traditions and this year was no different. The three day Summer festival, brings Islanders together to commemorate their individual Patron Saints. What transpires is a vast and colourful display of traditional hooker and currach racing, swimming, donkey racing and of course singing and dancing on the pier. We're already planning next year!

Our Sporting Heros

2014 also marks the year our local sporting heroes won the Gaelic Junior Football Championship. Organised by the five counties that comprise Connacht, the winners of the competition go on to represent their province in the All Ireland Junior Club Championship. Our 15 strong warriors fought hard to claim victory over their Island rivals, Achill on a fine Winter's November day in Co, Galway. Our players emerged victorious with a result of 08-16 and there was much celebrating across the three Islands for many weeks to come.

We love this video put together by AIB Bank, the sponsor of the Championship as it really captures the spirit of the day as well as the pure love of the game.

Celebrating Home

The beauty of our home continued to be broadcast this year as the small nation was listed in the Top Ten countries to visit in 2015 by the Lonely Planets Guide. The Travel institution listed the country's wild and rugged landscape as well as its unique culture and hospitable locals among the main reasons for the country's new found travel hiatus. We were over the moon with the news and are already looking forward to welcoming more travel fanatics from around the world to experience the magic of Ireland in 2015.

Our Aran

Lastly we reflect on what 2014 has meant for us here at the Market, and what an exciting year it has been with more new styles and collections joining our old Market favourites. The true highlight for us was capturing the beauty of our Irish Sweaters at home on our breathtaking Islands of Aran for our Aran Isles Collection. We look forward to bringing you even more new surprises, styles and of course value in 2015

As we look forward to the next curve in the road, we wish all our customers around the world a wonderful New Year.....

Sláinte agus go n-éirí an bóthar leat!

Photo credit: Sean Tomkins