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Explore the Wilds of Aran as we go behind the scences of our A/W Collection

We've had a busy few weeks on the Island shooting some of our favourite picks for the season ahead.

Our home of Inis Mór is a fundamental part of our brand and in essence our raison d'être, so this season we wanted to pay homage to our heritage by shooting our A/W Collection amidst our rugged shores so our customers too, could get a feel for the island experience.

Here we take you behind the scenes before the launch next week, to give you a flavour for the Islands and a sneak peak of what's in store for our A/W Campaign.

Aran A/W Campaign - Discovery

Our campaign is centred around a native Islander called Bláthnaid. With her lustrous red locks, pale white skin and love for nature, she embodies the Island and everything that it represents.


Dave, a New Yorker with Irish roots has always aspired to visit the islands in an effort to feel closer to his ancestors and gain a further understanding of Island life. The day he arrives on the Island, he happens upon the mysterious Island vixen and from there they explore the Island together, with Bláthnaid as his guide.


With the concept clear in our minds we set about getting together our dream team for the job. We were joined on the island by Miki Barlok, Fashion & Commercial Photographer from Cork, our very own Island native Roisín Derrane as Hair & Make Artist and models Megan O'Malley and Bob Van Rutte from Upfront Model Management and Distinct Model Management respectively, as well as our Brand Manger Laura Mac Sweeny responsible for concept and styling.


Black is the Colour

First up for our couple to explore was the windswept wilds of Dún Dúchathair, (which translates to Black Fort in English) , so called because of the colour of its darkened lime scale. The drama of the cliff face coupled with the solitude of the location (certainly off the beaten path) made this the perfect location to capture the sheer magnitude of the island's cliff front and serene atmosphere. Likened to Dun Aonghasa for its dramatic heights and jaw dropping views, the promontory cliff is notorious for being one of the best hidden gems on the Island. We spent many hours filming our couple exploring the beauty of the location with just the roar of the waves beneath us.


Picture Perfect

The early bird catches the worm is the phrase that came to mind immediately when we hit one of our first locations for the second day of the shoot.

On arriving at Kilmurvey beach in the early morn, the crew were again awestruck by what we were met by. Miles of picture perfect white sand which looked as though it had been raked especially for our very arrival, the shimmering sea green water that would have been more at home in the Mediterranean, as well as the tranquil atmosphere, made the entire experience akin to arriving on a deserted tropical island.



With our models Megan & Bob splashing about on the beach, it was a joy to capture our beautiful Aran garments in their natural habitat although the calm eventually broke as we started to attract quite an audience who were all fascinated as to why we were shooting the flame-haired mermaid and her boe.

Planet Aran

Poll na bPeist, (the Worm Hole in English) or serpents lair as its typically known was the very last location of the day. Famous for its part in the annual Red Bull Cliff Diving Competition, it boasts scenery that could only be described as out of this world.


11 (1)

Surrounded by large rock formations of every shape and size, enormous boulders that seem to jut out of the sky and glistening green moss, it provided an experience like no other. With the huge dimensions of the worm hole itself around the corner, the entire spectacle is more reminiscent of a futuristic sci-fi film rather than something carved solely by nature and was a reminder to all of us of the incredible power of Mother Nature's hand.



We hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek into the journey through our shoot and our home. We are very much looking forward to unveiling our A/W campaign with you when it is launched next week.

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Aran 3

We'd like to end this post by giving a very special thanks to all those on the Island who helped in making the shoot possible for us. Alice of Dormer House B&B was the beyond perfect host, whilst Gabriel and Tony O'Flagherty who took care of getting us to each location were just the tonic we needed, as was Conor our dear Manager at the Aran Sweater Market and many of the other locals who also helped out where they could.

Our crew really did not want to leave !

Share your Aran Journey with us

Indeed if you have been to any of these magnificent locations on the island, please do share your experiences and thoughts with us right here and don't forget to share some photos, we'd love to see them!

Go dtí sin, tóg go bog é!

Photography Credit Miki Barlok