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Merino Wool Aran Men's V-Neck Cardigan

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Merino Wool Aran Men's V-Neck Cardigan - Natural White
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Merino Wool Aran Men's V-Neck Cardigan Reviews

An Aran Cardigan represents a timeless classic and should be a core item in all men’s wardrobes.

Our Men’s V-Neck Cardigan offers a more functional style than most, as it can be worn open as an outer layer or closed to function as a V-Neck Cardigan.

This piece makes a great choice for your wardrobe due to its easy to wear style as well as its breathable fibres which help to regulate your body's temperature.

  • Crafted in Ireland using 100% Merino Wool.
  • Features 2 practical jacket pockets and leather effect buttons.
  • Wool is a Natural and organic fibre which helps to regulate your body's temperature. 
  • Wool being a Natural Fibre holds its shape well. 
  • Comes with signed & stamped Certificate of Authenticity


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Authentic Aran 100% Wool Made in Ireland

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