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Aran Sweater Market - Inis Mór


Aran Sweater Market - A Unique Shopping Experience

Our original market is located in one of Ireland's most famous Islands, Inis Mór. Located 48km ( 30 miles ) off the County Galway coastline and surrounded by the Atlantic, Inis Mór is celebrated for its heritage, culture and arresting landscapes. These lands have a startling and often harsh beauty that has drawn poets, artists, dreamers and adventurers for thousands of years. Crossing the fathomless grey-blue sea towards Inis Mór feels like entering a different dimension.

Visiting our market is a unique shopping experience where the concept and culture of the Aran Sweater is at the forefront of everything we do.

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Driven by a shared passion for craft and a keen eye for quality we aim to keep the long and fascinating history of the Aran Sweater alive. We continue to work with only the best Irish Designers and Suppliers to bring the beauty of the real authentic Aran to life and provide our customers with a unique treasure which they can cherish for years to come.


 Your Aran Island adventure isn't complete without renting a bicycle and exploring the hidden corners, beaches, ancient sites and enduring traditions of the island.

There are several ancient stone forts and churches among its antiquities. Most Impressive of the stone forts is Dun Aengus. It is semicircular, resting on the edge of a perpendicular cliff rising 100 metres out of the ocean and is one of the finest prehistoric monuments in Europe.


Our staff offer expert advice and knowledge on this history, craft and quality of Aran sweaters as well as our range of ClanAran Sweaters and Scarves.aran-sweater-market-inis-staff.jpg