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Aran Sweater Market - Galway


Aran Sweater Market - A Unique Shopping Experience

Designed in traditional rustic style, you can wander through four floors of Authentic Aran and Irish inspired Knitwear.

Step foot onto a little piece of the Aran Islands with our authentic and unique interiors replicated from our flagship store on the Island of Inis Mór and the original home of Aran. 

Visiting our market is a unique shopping experience where the concept and culture of the Aran Sweater is at the forefront of everything we do.


Aran Sweater Market - The Home Of Aran Since 1892


Driven by a shared passion for craft and a keen eye for quality we aim to keep the long and fascinating history of the Aran Sweater alive. We continue to work with only the best Irish Designers and Suppliers to bring the beauty of the real authentic Aran to life and provide our customers with a unique treasure which they can cherish for years to come.


Our Market on Quay street gives you the perfect opportunity to explore the city. Located in the heart of the Latin Quarter, why not wander down the cobblestone streets and find many great restaurants, pubs, arthouse, theatre or boutique shop.   

The Spanish Arches are one of the many historical sites in the city and are just a few minutes walk away. Built in 1584, The Front Wall (Ceann an Bhalla) was used to protect ships docked at the nearby quays of Galway, but today, there are only two arches left from the medieval city walls. These 500-year-old arches (the Spanish Arch and the Caoċ Arch) are now a place where the young people of Galway sit and drink in the sun!

The National University of Ireland is a very magical place and well worth a trip. It’s a cross between modern-day Galway and something out of a Harry Potter set. This university is simply stunning, particularly when the vines climbing up the exterior turn from green to red.

Visit the Galway Cathedral. This renaissance style  Roman catholic cathedral may be unassuming on the outside, but the interior is stunning. With its mosaics, stained glass and marble flooring, it’s much more picturesque than its grey exterior. Unlike most cathedrals in Europe, this one was completed in 1965, making it much more modern. Plus, you’ll find a mosaic dedicated to US president, John F. Kennedy, who personally visited during the building of the cathedral. 

A trip to Galway is simply not complete without a stroll along the Salthill prom. Situated on the northern inner shore of Galway Bay, the Aran Islands are visible to the right and Galway City 'The City of the Tribes’ to the left.