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Four Aran Islands fishermen rescued after ship sinks off Scottish coast
Stornoway Coastguard helicopter airlifted two crewmen to a nearby trawler, the Star of Hope, and three others were airlifted to hospital, where they are being treated for hypothermia. Four of those rescued are from the Aran Islands, while the fifth ...
Five crew rescued after Aran island vessel sinks off Scotland
Irish Times
Irish Times
Five crew members from an Aran island fishing vessel were rescued after the twin-rig trawler began taking water and sank off the Scottish coast. The 23m Iuda Naofa owned by Mairtín “20” Ó Conghaíle of Inis Mór signalled that it was in distress on ...
Irish Times
Irish News. Five crew members from an Aran Island fishing vessel were rescued after the twin-rig trawler began taking water and sank off the Scottish coast. Video: British Maritime and Coastguard Agency. Jump to comments (0) ...
The Aran Islands in the dead of winter - a life-changing experience (PHOTOS)
We pulled our rental bikes over to the side of the road, each of us quietly debating how crazy it would be to forgo our New Year's Eve plans and cozy AirBnB in Galway for a few more hours on Inishmore, the largest of the Aran Islands. We had 20 minutes ...
Hundreds rescued by busy lifeboat crews as RNLI warns public of dangers of ...
Irish Independent
Irish Independent
Crews at Dun Laoghaire RNLI in south Dublin, on the Aran Islands off Galway and Arranmore Island off Donegal followed close behind with 134 call outs. While lifeboat launch figures remain largely the same as last year there has been a 10pc increase in ...
Rock-climbing scales new heights in popularity
Irish Times
Irish Times
Rock-climbing in Ireland in its most primitive form probably extends back a few hundred years. When John Millington Synge visited the Aran Islands around the turn of the 20th century, he marvelled at the ability of the islanders to scale and descend ...
Regional round-up: west coast worst affected by Storm Rachel
Irish Times
Irish Times
Some 800 homes on the rim of Galway bay extending from Kinvara in the south to Roundstone in the north have lost power, as the storm continues. Ferry and air services to the Aran islands have been cancelled, and ferry links to other islands are also ...
The latest Hennessy nominees
Irish Times
Irish Times
The new year heralds a new home for New Irish Writing, the renowned literary page that has discovered many of Ireland's leading writers. Launched by .... A poem began,” says Tess Harper, a Dubliner who has lived on the Aran Islands since 1985. With her ...
Professor Richard Conroy: Portrait of a serial driller
Irish Independent
Irish Independent
With its stable political system and good infrastructure Ireland would in some senses seem to be a much more attractive place to mine than poorer mineral-rich countries, but the persistent perception has been that whatever is to be found has already ...
The Diary: Festival gets fine tuned for Killarney
Irish Independent
Irish Independent
Talk about a back story to his culinary gems, Kevin only went and served hand-snorkelled sea urchins he caught off the Aran Island, and then served them on a bed of seaweed with dry ice 'sea mist' infused with the smell of the sea! Methinks it was that ...
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