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Humble Aran jumper back in vogue with world-renowned designers such as ...
Irish Independent
Irish Independent
And, of course, there's a hefty price tag to match the popularity, with Valentino's Agnona camel cashmere Aran, for instance, topping ¬£1,200. That's quite a hike when you can buy a traditional Aran jumper for around ‚ā¨70 in Ireland. Paul Sally, manager ...
Who knew my lumpy old sweater would end up on Goop?
Irish Times
Irish Times
I had an Aran jumper when I was child. I wasn't alone; everyone in my suburban universe had an Aran jumper. People with cloudy midriffs and glasses perched on the ends of their powdery noses, usually great-aunts or grandmothers, knitted these jumpers ...
Sweater weather: The Aran jumper
The Boston Globe
The Boston Globe
You may already know the Aran jumper. The Irish fisherman's sweaters have become unisex staples and coveted secondhand-store finds, but have also developed their own cultural mythology. Handknit for generations, they have since been replicated and ...
Fianna Fail launches plan for future of Aran Islands on Inis Mor
Galway Bay FM
Galway Bay FM
He's joined by Galway West Deputy Eamon O' Cuiv to launch the 12-point plan, which outlines a range of social and economic initiatives for the islands. The plan commits to appointing a Senior Minister with day-to-day responsibility for the Islands ...
Aran-born missionary, teacher and devoted husband
Irish Times
Irish Times
P√°draig O'Toole, who has died aged 77, was an Aran island-born educationalist, humanitarian, author and former priest whose diverse missionary experience abroad ranged from working on death row to serving as principal of a Muslim secondary school in ...
Island education: 'Once there was a stigma, now everyone wants to be an islander'
Irish Times
Irish Times
On the southernmost Aran island, Inis Oírr's post-primary, Coláiste Ghobnait, opened in 1985. It has 23 pupils enrolled for the current academic year, while Donegal's Arranmore island, further up the coast, has its highest enrolment to date, at 93 ...
Rich in history: How well do you know Irish design?
True Irish sweaters are always handmade, made with the finest wools and feature traditional Aran stitching. There are many stories behind what each stitch pattern means, one of the most popular being the diamond stitch that symbolises the history of ...
Dramatic trawler sinking brings tension to TG4 documentary
Irish Times
Irish Times
When TG4 commissioned fishermen Miche√°l Conneely to make a documentary on an Aran island fleet's winter pursuit of mackerel, it never expected the footage would include a dramatic sinking. Nor did Conneely (33) expect he would be plucked from the ...
Visual Art: A monkey's puzzle: the zoo or the theatre?
Irish Times
Irish Times
Reports to an Academy uses four screens and draws on four locations: the Natural History Museum on Merrion Square, the Aran Islands, plus deserted art school studios and library archives. There is ... Although he has been based in Belgium for many ...
Blarney Woollen Mills Irish gift guide for 2015
Our hand-knits are knitted in Donegal, a picturesque county in the north west of Ireland. They are designed exclusively for Blarney Woollen Mills and inspired by maritime life. Each knitter has her own style of hand knitting so even following the same ...
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