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Aran Islanders protest at end of Aer Arann airplane service
UTV Ireland
UTV Ireland
“The proposed service is not only unsuitable but would lessen the sustainability of the Aran Islands. Additionally, this action would take 40 jobs from the Galway Gaeltacht and the three islands. Several Aran businesses depend on this service for ...
Concern over future air service to Aran Islands
Aran Island residents attended a public meeting on Inis MĂłr last night to discuss the future of the air service to the three islands. Their concerns follow the decision by Minister for the Gaeltacht Joe McHugh to award a four-year contract to a private ...
What will become of the Aran Islands now that their airplane service is gone?
THE GOVERNMENT HAS announced that the 45-year tenure of Aer Arann Islands as the air service provider between the offshore Galway Aran Islands and the mainland is to end. The tender for the service has been granted to Galway-based helicopter ...
State air service contract withdrawn from Aer Arann Islands at likely loss of ...
Irish Times
Irish Times
Aer Arann Islands airline owner Pádraig Ó Céidigh has said he is “devastated” and “disappointed” at a Government decision to award the State's air service contract for the three Aran Islands to a Galway city helicopter company. A total of 40 jobs at ...
Ireland's Incredible Landscapes: From the Aran Islands to the Burren
Ireland's Incredible Landscapes: From the Aran Islands to the Burren. Ireland's high winds and strong weather deposit shipwrecks along the shores of the Aran Islands and carve amazing designs into the limestone of the Burren (2:20). Source: Smithsonian ...
Islanders 'stunned' at withdrawal of Aer Arann service
Irish Examiner
Irish Examiner
Irish Examiner Reporter. The Government has been accused of ignoring the concerns and wishes of Aran Islands residents by withdrawing the air service contract for the islands from Aer Arann. Earlier this week, Minister of State for the Gaeltacht Joe ...
Aran Islanders take their protest to the mainland
Irish Times
Irish Times
Irish News; 4 mins 26 secs. Aran Islanders came to the mainland to protest about the possible loss of their air service supplied by Aer Arann for 45 years. It is proposed that a helicopter service replace it. Video: Bryan O'Brien. Jump to comments (0) ...
Fine Gael TD Sean Conlan arrested over pub row
Irish Independent
Irish Independent
Stormont crisis: Efforts to suspend Northern Ireland Executive over IRA fears... EFFORTS to suspend the Northern Ireland ... Transport Minister speaks ahead of concerned residents' meeting on Aran Islands... Transport Minister Paschal Donohoe has ...
Irish girl 'gets the sack' for choosing Electric Picnic over her job
Irish Independent
Irish Independent
Transport Minister speaks ahead of concerned residents' meeting on Aran Islands... Transport Minister Paschal Donohoe has expressed his views on the... Tuesday 01 September 2015. Science Gallery TCD. Taoiseach Enda Kenny is met by RTE ...
'It would be devastating for the island. The plane has saved lives'
Irish Independent
Irish Independent
The RTÉ television personality was back home on the Aran Islands last weekend when it emerged the airplane service to the mainland is to be replaced by a helicopter service. She said she was shocked at the decision to end the Aer Arann contract, which ...
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